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New Bawtry Hair Salon - Now Open for Business!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

(Pictured the new interior of Hair Salon Near Me - “Hair Salon Near Me”)

  • Rubies the Hair Boutique Closes as the owner retires after occupying Bawtry Salon space for over 13 years.

  • Hair Salon Near Me is open for business as Bawtry’s newest Hair Salon.

  • Co-Owners Craig Wassell and Toby Peck let their clients decide their Salon’s interior color choices.

Christmas 2021 will go down as one to remember this year for Senior Hair Stylist Toby Peck (28) and Marketing Manager Craig Wassell (30) as they launched their brand new Hair Salon.

The fast-thinking duo turned a Christmas Day redundancy into a business opportunity taking over the Salon’s lease where Toby has worked for the last 3 years, launching their very own salon - Hair Salon Near Me. The pair successfully offered out new jobs and chair rental agreements to existing staff belonging to the previous Salon, mitigating the need for any unnecessary unemployment.

Speaking on their opening of Hair Salon Near Me, Co-founder Toby Peck said “I’m so excited to re-open the doors to the business I’ve worked at for the last 3 years as my very own Hair Salon. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to own a Salon and something I’ve been working towards for years. This opportunity, although unexpected, has come at a perfect point in my career.

Having worked in hair for over 8 years in the Doncaster area, I’ve achieved many accolades such as qualifying as a Goldwell Hair Colour Master and being shortlisted for a Yorkshire Salon Award for some of my creative work. Over this time period, I’ve perfected my craft for coloring hair. I have so many plans for the Salon and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for myself and the Hair Salon Near Me team. 2022 is going to be crazy for us!”

With no time to waste, the pair spent their Christmas and New Year’s downtime revamping the Salon, with the help of their painter and decorator family, transforming the Salon’s interior, putting their stamp on the place. To ensure they were making interior design choices guaranteed to be a hit amongst their clients, the duo ran polls on their newly created Instagram account inviting their clients to select their favorite color options.

On the refurbishments, Co-Owner Craig Wassell said “The old salon interior felt quite cold and dated and wasn’t representative of an environment our Bawtry-based clients would expect or of the brand we are setting out to build. We wanted to include our clients in our decision making putting them in the driving seat, letting them have a say on how the Salon should look and feel, after all, the Salon is their space too!

We’ve introduced the winning pop of color into the Salon, added some textiles and, we’ve even had a flower wall installed all in a bid of bringing a new lease of life and creating a space where our clients can feel comfortable, safe and a sense of home away from their home.”

Hair Salon Near Me is open for business and taking bookings. To book an appointment at Hair Salon Near Me check out their website at call the salon on 01302 710122. Follow their hair journey on social media @hairsalonnearme.

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