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Here at Hair Salon Near Me Bawtry, we have a team of fully qualified hair extension specialists ready to work with you to find your perfect hair extension type and achieve the hair you've always dreamed of! 

We work with a number of hair providers pairing you with the one that is the most suitable including BALMAIN, Great lengths, Remy Cachet and many more.


We are a SILVER STATUS Salon in Great Lengths hair extensions in recognition of our exceptional performance in 2021.

Our Approach to Hair Extensions

We offer many types of hair extensions such as tape-in hair extensions, nano-link hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions using hot-fusion methods and micro-beaded hair wefts.

Here at Hair Salon Near Me, we work with our clients to find the perfect extension type for their hair. During a free consultation, we'll explain the pros and cons of each of the different types of hair extensions, so we can decide which method is best for you.

Which Type of Hair Extension is Right for You?

If you are new to hair extensions, you can be easily confused about the many different hair extension methods available.

All semi-permanent hair extensions should be 100% human hair so you can heat, style, and wash the hair as you would your natural hair. The longevity of your extensions will depend on how often you wear them and the aftercare that you use, all of which we will guide you on. High-quality human hair extensions should last anywhere between 3-6 months.

To help you understand the different types of hair extensions available at Hair Salon Near Me, we've put together a guide to help you identify which method is most suitable for your hair type and the aftercare that best suits your lifestyle.



Tape-in Hair Extensions

Time to fit: 45 - 90 mins

Tention level: Low
Maintenance: Medium

What are Tape-in Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent method of hair extensions suitable for most hair types. After clip-in’s, tapes are the quickest and easiest hair extension method to apply and remove. However, unlike clip-ins, you must have a trained, professional stylist to apply this temporary hair extension method. If properly maintained, you should expect your tape-in hair extensions to last around 3-4 weeks. 

Tapes are typically around 1 inch in width and are secured to the hair using adhesive glue. As tape-in extensions are applied to a vast amount of hair, they do not cause tension and breakage to the natural hair. 

Tape-ins are the most popular semi-permanent method used by celebrities and top stylists; they are the quickest to apply and remove with the most natural and discrete finish. Tape-in hair extensions are popular amongst celebrities and perfect for mixing up your lengths or adding extra thickness.

Application and Aftercare of Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tapes take 45 - 90 minutes to be applied to the hair and a similar time to be removed. The application process involves clamping your natural hair between two tapes with our professional hairdressing pliers. Your natural hair will then be cut to blend into the extensions discreetly achieving a thicker and fuller look. 

The removal of this method involves using a solvent spray to the root of the extensions which will melt the adhesive and enable the extensions to be removed safely from your hair. You are able to re-use your tape-in extensions, but the roots will have to be re-taped, and often the length will be shortened each time. Having your tapes re-applied every 3-4 weeks will avoid any matting that may occur or the glue becoming too difficult to remove. 

Like most semi-permanent hair extension methods, extra care should be taken when you're washing and drying your hair. It's always our recommendation that you avoid applying conditioner or any oil-based products at your hair's root as this can cause your tapes to slip.


"For longevity of tape-in hair extensions, I'd recommend avoiding heat styling the root of your hair and using a lower temperature setting when blowdrying your extensions to avoid any damage to the tape adhesive." - Toby Peck - Creative Director

Nano-link Hair Extensions ​

Time to fit: 45 - 90 mins

Tention level: Low
Maintenance: Medium

What are Nano-Link Hair Extensions?

Nano-link extensions, sometimes called nano-beads or micro-rings, are individual tips of hair extensions attached to tiny wefts of hair. Each individual tip is clamped to the hair using a micro-ring or nano-bead using our specialist hair pliers. This means that there's no need for heat or adhesive glue bonds keeping your hair safe while achieving an extremely natural finish. We apply our hair extensions in neat rows around the head with beads colored to match your natural hair for maximum discretion making it perfect to wear your hair up in any style. 

Nano-links are suitable for any hair type, thick or fine! They are around 90% smaller than micro rings and therefore the most concealed method of hair extension. We use silicone-lined beads as the silicone provides a secure fit to the hair provetning any slipping.

If you often wear your hair tied up, this would method be recommended for you as your hair is able to move around more freely with individual bonds. We're able to colour match perfectly as well as add a mix of highlights and lowlights with the extension thanks to the individual strands.

Application and Aftercare

With Nano-link extensions, you can wash them the same as your natural hair. It is advised to frequently brush your extensions throughout the day to avoid matting using an appropriate brush; our recommended brush would be a tangle teaser. 

Nano-link extensions do require removal and reapplication every 6-10 weeks. Doing this will help you avoid excessive matting from re-growth. To remove the extensions, the bead is unclamped or broken using removal pliers and slid off the ends of the hair. 


"We'd also advise clients with nano-link extensions, to sleep with hair tied in a secure plait and use a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid friction and matting overnight." - Ferhat Massey - Senior Stylist

Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Time to fit: 2 - 4 hours

Tention level: Medium 
Maintenance: Low

​What are Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions?

Pre-Bonded hair extensions, sometimes called fusion bonds or keratin bond extensions, are attached to your hair using a pre-adhesive extension tip; the tip is fused to small sections of hair using a heated clamp. We use a safe natural bonding agent that won't cause any damage to your hair.

Application and Aftercare

Similar to our nano-link hair extension method, the application time for pre-bonded extensions can take between 2-4 hours for a full head. Individual strands mean a mix of colors can be used to add highlights and lowlights meaning we can achieve any hair colour.

This method does not require the maintenance appointments that other fitting techniques do. pre-bonded hair extensions should last clients between 4-6 months. We do offer top-up appointments which can prolong this. To be removed, your stylist will crush the bond to break down the keratin, then apply a bond removal solution to remove the extension from the hair.


"When it comes to washing your pre bonded hair extensions, all you need to do is wash them in the shower using cool or lukewarm water. I'd always recommend that clients use a sulphate-free, alcohol-free shampoo and conditioner. And remember, keep it to once a week!." - Toby Peck - Creative Director

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